MPH Calculator

MPH Calculator is an easy to use tool that can be used to calculate the top speed¹ of Go Karts, Mini-bikes and the like. It can also calculate your gear ratio when using a clutch or CVT—even if you have multiple (up to 10 total) jackshafts or gearboxes!

Note: Results are displayed in MPH and KPH as shown in the pictures below.

Note: If using a belt/pulley instead of chain/sprocket, you can enter the diameter of your pulley in place of sprocket teeth.

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This program requires Java 1.8+.
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¹ Disclaimer: This calculator is meant only to provide a theoretical top speed. For a more accurate representation of top speed, other factors must be considered, such as tire size, weight, engine torque output, wind resistance, etc.—things that this calculator does not account for. For instance, an unrealistic gear ratio of 2:1 on a heavy machine would almost certainly burn out a centrifugal clutch or CVT belt before you could even start moving. While the results of this calculator strive to be as accurate as possible and should give you a good estimate of top speed, actual results may vary.

How to use:

Simply adjust the settings to match your machines setup and press "Calculate MPH."

If you have a jackshaft or gearbox:

Press the "Add Jackshaft or Gearbox" button and enter the number of teeth (or the diameter) of the input and output sprocket (or pulley) on the jackshaft or gearbox. If applicable, you can also enter a gear ratio if your gearbox has any internal gear reduction (for instance, a Comet Foward/Reverse Gearbox has a gear reduction of 2.7 in reverse)—if it doesn't you may leave this at 1.00.

If you have a CVT ? (Such as a TAV2—Torq-A-Verter):

Simply check the "CVT (Torque converter)" checkbox and then you can select one of the most common models from the different presets that are available. If necessary, you can manually enter the ratios that your CVT outputs by selecting "Custom Ratio".


MPH Calculator MPH Calculator